Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Your(Girls) Top 17 Sex Questions—Answered!

How Can I Bring Sex Toys into the Bedroom?


Since sex toys are just about everywhere these days, your guy shouldn’t be surprised that you want them to show up in your bedroom. How to do it: Simply let him know that you think it’d be fun to try out some new toys together. Start with a couple’s toy like the We-Vibe 4, with a remote control for both of your pleasure, or a vibrating penis ring, which is also a twofer. Going sex toy shopping together (either online or at a local shop) is a great way to enhance intimacy, initiate conversation, and find something that excites both of you.

2.Which Sex Toys are Right for Me?


With the variety of rechargeable, body safe, discreet, internal and external toys on the market, you’re bound to find one that works for you. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, though, so you’ll have to experiment. If you’ve never used a toy, start with a less expensive vibe before you commit to a more expensive—but totally worth it—model. External toys that stimulate your clitoris make great starter toys. If you’re looking for your G-spot, there are plenty of toys that will help you along your journey. 

3.Why Can't I Orgasm During Intercourse?

Because you’re like the majority of women on the planet who aren’t able to achieve orgasm during penis-vagina sex! There are a plenty of reasons, but the main one is that most women require extra clitoral stimulation and the penis (in most positions) comes nowhere near hitting your hot spots. Try extra foreplay with clitoral stimulation, a great clitoral vibe during sex, or take some time figuring out your body. An orgasm during sex is possible, but it takes work. Practice doing your kegel exercises to strengthen those PC muscles, which can lead to stronger orgasms.

4.How Can I Fix My Self-Esteem Issues?

 This is an inside job and I’m not talking about your partner’s penis. Self-esteem is a big killer of many women’s sex drives and the reason why many can’t reach orgasm. Self-esteem issues are deeply imbedded in our psyche whether they’re from past trauma, abuse, or chronic negative thinking.  Self-esteem doesn’t magically improve without some real work on yourself in the hands of a skilled therapist. The best therapist will help you discover what’s holding you back, retrain your thought patterns, and guide you in accepting yourself

5.I'm Ashamed About Doing Certain Things. Is This Normal?

Shame is one of the most common emotions people have around sex, but with the right work, joy and pleasure can trump shame. Shame around sex stems from social conditioning, upbringing, and early messages you received around sex. Remember, like any emotion, sex is controlled by our thoughts. If we can change the way we think, we can change the way we feel. Focus on the pleasure it brings you, and you’ll replace judgmental, negative emotions

6.How Can I, Er, Blow My Partner's Mind With My BJ Technique? 


A sex drive is an extremely fluid concept. It’s completely normal for your libido to ebb and flow. Low sex drive could be caused by multiple factors, including stress, anxiety, depression, certain medications, or a lack of self-confidence. First, rule out physical causes, then you can move on to the fun stuff. One of the most surprising fixes for low libido is to actually have sex. Plan out your next sexual encounter. Allow yourself to have sexual fantasies leading up to the scheduled tryst, or buy yourself something that makes you feel sexy—anything to get the anticipation building. Having sex increases your arousal, which will lead to more great sex.

16.I Faked It—Now What?

One fake orgasm is not going to ruin your sex life, but making a habit of it very well could. When you’re faking it, you’re giving him the impression that what he’s doing is working, when it is not. Do your own homework first. Spend time masturbating to figure out what you like. If you don’t have the work done beforehand, how can you possibly teach your guy? The next time you two are getting hot and heavy, make little suggestions. Try comments like, “I really love it when you touch me here,” or “It feels so good when you move your hips that way.” Take control and show him what it takes to make you really holler. 

17.Can You Have a Great, Long-Lasting Sex Life with the Same Partner?


There is a terrible rumor going around that the longer you stay married, the less exciting your sex life becomes. Keeping that sexual spark alive takes hard work, but all of the hard work involves getting busy! You need to switch things up in the bedroom (or out of the bedroom!) to keep the sex hot, playful, and exciting. Surprise each other, try new things, and don’t be afraid to indulge in your deepest desires. But first, talk about them, do some sexplorations together, buy a massage candle, and rub each other down with some warm massage oil, which will get you in the mood. Works every single time.  


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